The history of hair coloring and hair dressing takes us as far back as to the Egyptian era. The use of plants, black walnut shells, berries, earth and so on, were crushed and mixed to create what we know today as hair color. The use or implements of sharpened bones, oyster shells and the like were used to  cut hair. The use of leather bands, flowers and vines were used to decorate the hair. These began the marks of hairdressing as we know today.Since then, countless brands, styles and tools have been born and improved. In 1875, a French man named Marcel Grateau developed the technique of using irons for waving and curling the hair. Giving  the name to the first curling irons which are still known today as Marcel Curling Irons. In 1909, French chemist Eugene Schueller created the first safe commercial hair color. This gave birth to the company he first called Auréale, a company we now know as L’Oreal. In 1910, Antoine known as “The emperor of hairdressers” opened his salon in rue Cambon. Antoine is believed to be responsible for the first form of hair gel known as “”pour se bakerfixer les cheveux”. The name was given after the iconic singer,Josephine Baker, her finger waved hair styles stamped the ‘20’s flapper look. The ingenious mixture consisted of flax seed and water, then boiled and strained into a jar mixing in a few drops of rosemary.This proves that over the years the Art of Hair is one of the largest industries in the world. Each individual in the hairdressing world not only creates their own version of a style or hair color, but a stepping stone for future creativity and trend. Each individual makes a statement by their own hairstyle, hair color and fashion. This self expression distinguishes us in the world from our life styles,hobbies, religion and culture.

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