Hair Color ChartChoosing the right hair color for you may be a lot easier than you think. Consulting with your hairdresser or colorist is a great way to narrow down what color(s) work best for you. You have to take several factors into consideration such as, natural hair color, texture, skin color and skin tones, personal and work lifestyle, as well as maintenance and budget. Understanding hair color is key to achieving the best color and technique for you.

As regards choosing a shade, I like to recommend staying closer to your natural color and tones. This would allow for a more natural and stress free color. Though any color is always possible, sometimes going too light or too dark may result in color frustration. For example, if your hair is naturally dark and you wish to go a lot lighter, you have to keep in mind that your new growth will be more pronounced. This will result in frequent retouches and an increased maintenance investment.

The same goes for someone who is naturally light and wants to go much darker. Even though their roots would be of a lighter hue, in the event there is a desire to want to go back to your natural color a chemical correction will have to be performed in order to remove the dark color. If not done properly, this could cause damage or compromise the integrity of the hair.

Different hair textures are a vital part of choosing the right color. Someone who has extremely thick hair might be able to be more spontaneous about changing hair color, whereas, fine haired girls might want to be a bit more careful and the type of color applied to their tresses. Applying to much or too strong hair lighteners on fine hair may cause hair to break often, especially around the hairline where hair is the finest and the hair ends.

Having a professional colorist that thoroughly understands these chemical services and products is important. A professional colorist is one that continuously educates themselves with basic and new methods. As long as you are aware of results and maintenance and are educated about your own hair, then your expectations should be met. And of course, ALWAYS, using the right at home maintenance hair products, along with a proper diet and dietary supplements, will help keep your tresses healthy and shiny.


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